Larry's Pools and Spas : 2984 Midland Dr Ogden, Utah

Larry's has over 50 years of experience in the swimming pool and spa industry serving the Wasatch front, and the State of Utah. We offer swimming pool construction, pool care service, pool/spa products, service, maintenance, and as well as reputation for first class service and quality second to none!

Satisfied Customers

Mike H., Harrisville, UT

“We love our pool. We would gladly recommend Larry’s to anyone who is considering putting in a swimming pool.”

Greg L., South Ogden, UT

Very professional. I appreciated their courtesy and friendliness. It was a pleasure having them in our yard.

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Salt Lake - Ogden - St.George

801.392.1127 OR Toll Free 877.392.1127

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Larry's Pools and Spas is moving: on February 1, 2016. 

Come see us at our new location: 2984 S. Midland Drive Ogden